A Sabbath Day’s Journeys

Today’s Sunday, so not the Sabbath. We live in the age of grace not law, so the old restrictions on journeys on Saturday don’t apply – unfortunately. The weather here has been so summery through most of April and today, 1st May, that it’s great to be outdoors. Today, I started with a semi-jog around the local golf course (3 miles), walked to and back from a local church (1.5 miles), then walked from¬†Truleigh Hill to Devil’s Dyke¬†along the South Downs Way – and back – 6 miles. It’s no wonder I feel just a tad jaded this evening.
Yet, it’s time to rejoice again. Two years ago my darling wife was so ill we wondered if we’d ever even picnic on the South Downs, let alone walk so far. Today, she did it. And that’s not the first time either. What a lady!

1 May, 2011