About Me

Most of my working life I spent with Feba, a Christian radio organisation that started with a short-wave station in Seychelles. My interest was making radio programmes that would communicate effectively the gospel of Jesus Christ. Both my work base and responsibilities changed over 35 years, ending with 27 years of international travel.

Reflecting on my life, I had many experiences that interested me but most are lost to memory now. Since journeys still take place, albeit within England and Wales, I want to log them in case anyone else might be interested.

Other journeys fascinate me, too. I enjoy IT, am shaped by what happens, and the most fascinating part of my life is my journey in faith. Still a pilgrim, still learning.

I am married, have three adult sons,  three granddaughters and one grandson.

April  2019

While not afraid of discussion, the number of computer-generated pretend comments hacks me off, so I have turned off that facility.  20Jan2015