Another Warm Stream

As the early morning coach drove north up the A23 from Brighton snow lay over the South Downs. Even Worthing had been dusted the night before. My destination, Vancouver, lies on the Northern Pacific, south of the Gulf of Alaska, sounded pretty cold in February.
My host told me of the stream of warm ocean water from Hawaii (the Pineapple Stream?) that keeps this part of western Canada’s coast pretty free of winter snow. It was a surprise to find Vancouver warmer than Worthing despite the best efforts of Britain’s Gulf Stream.
Another surprise was a display of totem poles in Stanley Park and to learn that these artefacts were used to record real or mythical events, they were not used for worship by the tribes who carved them.
Vancouver’s house prices are sky high, one reason being the easy investment in property by newly-rich Chinese people, whose steady influence already has led to airport and other signage¬†appearing in a couple of Chinese languages.

Totems Tourists

18 February, 2012


Short and Good

This morning’s walk of less than two miles from home to the OC UK office was wonderful. Despite the temperature being close to freezing point the sun shone full strength, the birds were busy and singing. Much was right with the world.

7 February, 2012