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A first – I am in Lisbon, Portugal. Flying out from London Gatwick on Easyjet was fine, though their policy of “free-fight for seats” reveals interesting aspects of human nature, especially mine.
The promised taxi driver was waiting, my suitcase was in good order, so we drove out to where I am staying for three nights. It’s 10 degrees warmer here than in southern England, positively Spring-like.IMG_0053_m
A little stroll down a gentle incline took me to the Riviera Centre, a little mall adjoining a big hotel. It was football night on the several big screen TVs around, including the one where I ate.
For the first time in my life I was charged for the food by its weight – each 100gm added about €1.50 to the bill. So, not knowing what the buffet was, I had lamb, blood sausage, flaked tuna fish, octopus, frites, french fries, corn and some black beans. It wasn’t a conscious choice, colour was the decider and identification was by taste.IMG_0050_m

Just down from the mall was an open square, pretty full with parked cars and every cafe was hosting soccer fans. No one noticed I was wearing a rugby shirt.
21 February, 2011